How to say it?

Why do I do the things I do?
How can I do them even better? 

I'm Birgit Itse, and writing has made me the person I am today. 


I'm the author of a bilingual book #õnnelikteekond #becominghappy. 84 pages of photos and Estonian-English reflections.  
I published this book in Estonia although I was already living in Scotland. 
Some of the feedback so far: 

*easy but meaningful reading.
* empowering and full of energy
*lovely, colourful photos and inspirational texts
*daily positivity, the prefect present

Feel free to order my book using the contact details on the page. 

Why writing? 

Writing is something that makes me feel alive. A
lways has. No matter the genre, language or topic. It clears my head and keeps me going. I've done different jobs in my life (journalist, marketing specialist, museum worker, teacher, manager etc), and always looked for and created opportunities to write – poetry, non-fiction, fiction, reflections, lyrics, newsletters, news to be presented in radio, press releases, articles for magazines and newspapers, scenarios for events, greetings, speeches, toasts, blogs, captions for photography and paintings. People loved my work and I created Word Accord.

What's my story? 

I'm an Estonian living in Aberdeen, Scotland with my teenage son. I first visited Scotland in 2011 when I had organized a study tour of how literature is marketed in tourism. It was the first time I began to think about living and working abroad. 

Well, nothing happened. Until 2017. Road-trip with my son. A week in Scotland that changed us both. We fell in love with people here. We really did. After landing in Tallinn, still on a plane, we looked at each other and he said what I had in my mind, too: “Let’s go back to live there!” 

Some things happened. I started to look for a job. I studied the school system. I was discussing it with my friends. Even with my family. But I didn't make a final decision until 2019, when my friend asked: “Birgit, how long are you going to wait to live your life and your dreams?” 
I put my home of more than 20 years for sale on 5th December, and two weeks later it was sold. On 30th December, we arrived in Aberdeen. 
Just us two, with two suitcases and two bags. A city, to which we had never been before. 
While I made it happen, I met some amazing people and learned how all the intuitive decisions I made were absolutely going in the right direction. Along my professional journey, I have seen in other people, and experienced myself how attitude is 95% of success, and how will, dedication and persistence create far better results than years of expertise in playing it safe. I'm not a coach, though, but reading or hearing my way with words, you might find the inspiration to release the courage in you and live the life you've always wanted. 

How can I help you?   

Most of the businesses value being different, but when it comes to choosing methods, they tend to prefer the ones that are already in the market for years. 
So what do you want? 

I can help you with 
*words to your website (content, blogs);
*speeches to inspire and motivate your team; 
*marketing materials on print and online (social media text, poems or haikus to go with your brand) 

There are certain ways to do things to get where you've always wanted to be. 

Are you struggling with words in your personal life and there's an event you'd like to impress everyone? 

Get in contact in a way that works best for you. 

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